Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Morning Quarterback

So not too long ago I posted suggesting that UVA was going to beat the holy stuffing out of FSU. This is me eating humble pie. There were two Seminoles in particular that made UVA once again rue the day they made it into the top ten: Wyatt Sexton and Ernie Sims. Sexton has clearly shown that Rix was the no talent hack we all knew he was. Why would Bowden ever start Rix with a weapon like Sexton in his arsenal? The old man's just stubborn I guess. Sims continuously tore up Hagans for an ungodly amount (4) of sacks. Ouch. And the fact that Hagans and Elton Brown got injured is not good.

FSU is flying high now, and it probably helped Miami capture the BCS position and will keep them hold it, since Miami beat FSU and FSU just beat another top ten team. That and the moon is in the 8th house and a butterfly in South America is flapping its wings or whatever important parts of the BCS equation there are.