Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Money for Nothing

What's a million dollars between friends? Apparently it means a different political affiliation.

Leave it the folks over at Slate to flesh out the class divisions among political parties. Lets see, the rich favor the GOP while the SUPER rich lean Democrat. Now, if we could only get rid of that accursed McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. Then we could have George Soros bankroll the entire Democratic Party!

While we're on the subject of _illionaires, we should probably mention the latest tax bill that's been passed by our ever-so-knowledgeable legislators. I guess they've already forgotten about their overdue bills.

Lastly, gentrification is Pee Wee's playhouse word of the day. Downtown DC and Crystal City the new hot spots? These two pseudo-urban hubs seem to be undergoing a commerical renaissance of their own. According to WaPo, several new retail and restaurant chains will be moving in as new tenants to previously vacated spaces. I wonder how many Starbuck's they'll be able to fit in over at Gallery Place. My guess is five.