Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Run Kerry, Run

For entertainment purposes, I'd love to see John Kerry carry out his threat. Begin his 2008 presidential campaign now and deliver weekly sonorous stemwinders on every conceivable domestic and foreign policy issue from the Senate floor. Then he can vote for the bill(s) in question, then vote against it(them), and then spend the rest of the week playing two-hand touch football with staffers and the Heinz boys. (Hmm, I wonder if Alexandra and Vanessa can cheer from the sidelines...)

But seriously, how great would it be if no one stops him from carrying out his threat to be a noxious blowhard for the next few years?

I guess a guy can dream, and there is a thing as asking for too much.

But dammit, John Kerry bloviating against Bush from the Senate floor while Howard Dean screams across the Sunday talk shows as the DNC chairman would be icing on the electoral cake for me.