Monday, March 21, 2005


Looks like I was straight wrong. Kyrgyzstan is truly becoming the Orange Revolution Redux. Globe and Mail calls it that the President is backing calls for a new election from his opposition. The opposition has taken over government buildings and is calling for the man's resignations because of the flawed Parliamentary elections. Transitions Online paints it even starker, labeling the protests a straight revolution now. Security forces have lost control of two major cities, and are retreating in the face of the powerful protesters.

There's no doubt about it now, we're in the middle of a FOURTH WAVE of democracy to probably make Huntington's celebrated third wave look like child's play. The states of eastern europe, even brutal ones like Kyrgyzstan, have completed their full political transitions from communist states to authoritarian states to full-fledged democracies. More than anything their civil society has developed to the point that it's perfectly willing to scream "fraud!" and take to the streets like the French kicking Napoleon III out after he lost the Franco-Prussian war. But that's off-subject. This is exciting on multiple levels. The aggressive global discussion on democracy Bush started, and that he ponied up to in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the day he personally threw the bullshit flag on Ukraine, and NOW the bullshit flag he's thrown on Syria are all strides that were unimaginable even two years ago.