Wednesday, March 23, 2005

EU Throws the Bullshit Flag

China's anti-secession law has actually had an impact, and not just on U.S. opinion. Telegraph reports that the measure didn't just provoke American anger, but also got the Brits stirred up too. It was their concern that prevented the EU from lifting the arms embargo.

While it wasn't on the agenda, and Britain denies it's trying to sink it, and China denies that their anti-secession law has anything to do with it, and France remains committed, steps toward lifting the embargo didn't happen. And it's the absence of motion that says a lot in this case, especially with Chirac's dedication to lifting the embargo and sucking up to China as much as possible. If Britain has gotten lukewarm about it, it's unlikely they'll be able to proceed. And, let's remember, this embargo was created in the aftermath of Tiananmen Square, which China has done little to atone for and seems to want to repeat with Taiwan as soon as the world turns a blind eye.