Friday, March 25, 2005

Let's Get Serious (Jermaine Jackson Style)

The VA General Assembly decided to take a break from attacking gay people and actually passed some key environmental legislation, all of it with strong bipartisan support. This was long overdue, but it shows two things:

1) Both parties are getting serious about the environment. While the Bush Administration has pulled out all the samurai swords it can in its efforts to gut the EPA, state governments, first with Schwarzenegger's environmental Power Moves and now Virginia's, often driven by Republicans have stepped in to fill the gap. More and more the environment is becoming a mainstay of political rhetoric, because anyone with sense is starting to realize we have a serious problem.

2) Gov. Mark Warner (D) has officially brought a lot of the VA State Republicans firmly into his column. He cooperated with them starting last year with the fiscal crisis and ensuing solution, and still continues to do so, especially with this important environmental action. This wasn't just a tactical alliance, but it shows a strategic relationship and alliance between moderate Warner and the moderate elements of the Republican party. That's something to cheer about with as divided as this nation has become. Let's hope it happens in more states.

Bonus 3) State Sen. Fred Quayle, (D-Chesapeake) my former State Senator and former Boy Scout Scoutmaster, is the man. He authored some of this legislation, and at a young age gave me a good example of everything good about the Republican party. Too bad he won't run for Congress, Senate, or Governor. It's all our loss that we can't have someone like him represent us, and responsibility, at higher levels.