Thursday, March 31, 2005

Memogate II: This Time It's Asinine

"Memogate II", that's what they're calling it. It's all about this. That's right, this unsigned talking points sheet that ABC News reported was being distributed. But apparently, now they're saying that the talking points were fakes, perhaps planted by Democrats! Perhaps copied off of Mel Martinez's press release! WHAT A SCANDAL!!!! Or maybe not. El Wapo is catching some flak, but Allen writes a self-defense column here. (Hat tip, Mr. Kaus) I think that this is superbly idiotic. Talking Points, especially unsigned, get distributed all over the place up here. If they mistakenly labeled them as "GOP Talking Points" without verification, well that's a tiny bit of a mistake. But you can't say these are fakes. The same level of analysis of CBS' travails revealed by specific typewriter issues doesn't apply here. Yes, they could've been faked by Dems. But they could be from anybody. Who knows! There are PLENTY of possibilities of who might have come up with these. But we know for a fact they were being distributed.

Jesus' General has a take on the crawling chaos of this supposed "memogate II" scandal that adequately captures what I'm trying to say. Here's a good piece of it:

"Mr first inquiries were disappointing. ABC
reported that "multiple sources" confirmed that the
memo was distributed to Republican Senators on the
Senate floor. I checked with my own sources, and they
say that's what happened and named a name, Sen. Rick

Undeterred by this bad news, I continued to
investigate and soon hit the jackpot. An artist for
the Spongebob Squarepants show told me that the
Santorum who distributed the memos was an imposter. A
cabal of Hollywood makeup artists was behind the
subterfuge. They were trying to discredit God's party
so that they could finish the homosexualization of our

They were good. They matched every detail, even going
so far as to have the fake Santorum escorted by an
afghan hound. One of the dog's paws was dyed purple in
honor of Iraq election. A corresponding purple smudge
was placed on the back of the fake Santorum's shirt in
the exact place one would expect the dog to place his
paw when mounting. These Tinseltown terrorists left
nothing to chance.

A few days later, their attention to detail manifested
itself once again when the fake Tom DeLay made his
speech to the Family Research Council. From what I
understand, the phony DeLay's necklace of human ears
was indistinguishable from the one Rep. DeLay wears to

This is almost as funny as this detailed analysis of the Bacon Cheddar Ranch. Which coincidentally is much more fascinating to analyze than the authenticity of talking points.