Monday, March 14, 2005

The NCAA Tournament

There is a lot to report on in NCAA basketball after the busy weekend. The conference tournaments are over and the NCAA Tournament bracket is out. The four number one seeds in the tournament are Illinois, North Carolina, Washington, and Duke. Illinois, Washington, and Duke all won their conferences, the Big Ten, PAC-10, and the ACC, respectively. Syracuse finished a big week, defeating West Virginia in the finals to win the Big East tournament. Syracuse’s celebration Saturday night was surprisingly mellow (not ‘Melo), showing they have a much bigger goal in mind. They will go into the Tournament as a number four seed, and will likely have to go through Duke to get into the Final Four. An upset is a definite possibility as four of Syracuse’s five starters were on the 2003 NCAA Championship team. Illinois shouldn’t have a problem making the final four, but North Carolina will likely have to go through a nasty University of Connecticut team. And look for Wake Forest to upset Washington to take their place in the Final Four.