Wednesday, March 30, 2005

No Ticket!

DCeiver has an incredibly beautimous rant about the 9:30 club, ticket sales, fan clubs, hipsters, and mailing lists that spans just about the entire ecosystem of hilarious things about the DC music scene and indie rock. It all started with DCist announcing upcoming ticket sales that were supposed to be for "fans-only", and turned into some sort of raging jihad in the 9:30 Club Forum. All of which DCeiver rightly unmasks as absurd bullshit. Here's a sample:

Fallout from DCist taking public information and daring to "publicize" it has predictably spilled onto the 9:30 club forums to be batted back and forth by lackwits far and wide.


There appears to be an ever shifting set of goalposts for some that denote a true fan: basically, the argument is being made that if you don't check websites and join mailing lists religiously then you don't carry the Mark of Cain or some nonsense. Of course, what no one will cop to is the fact that as soon as ten times the number of people start checking the websites and joining the mailing list, those self-same avatars of purity control will roundly dismiss the latecomers as poseurs and the new shibboleth will be "I was on the mailing list back when it was old-school! I deserve special rights and priviledges." Wank wank wank. This isn't about being a true music fan and it isn't about supporting the 9:30 club and it isn't about fighting scalpers, it's about proclaiming yourself to be "in" and then digging as deep a moat as possible so that these ego-deificient yucksters can stave off their creepy inferiority complexes.

DCeiver then goes on and on to list all the upcoming ticket sales of all the upcoming shows about to be announced. I've perused the 9:30 Club Forum before, and it is a genuinely surreal place. Mocking the people on their could fill up an entire blog of its own, but that's true of most forums. What's true here is that advance ticket sales for "special fans" are I think a load of crap. Inevitably you just end up with these "special" fans going totally sickhouse and whining like World Bank protesters. It's their business when they want to sell tickets, and for how long, but honestly if anyone expects any information that is sent to an email list to remain secret nowadays, they're truly off their rocker.