Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Progress. . .Toward the Year 2000

Jericho has been turned over to Palestinian security forces, with the Israeli forces effectively dismantling all road blocks around the town and letting their Palestinian counterparts move in. Jericho's the first of several changeovers in power that will roll through the West Bank, leading to restore the ACTUAL situation on the ground in the year 2000 before the infitada began. It's progress, and a movement toward transferring control and management to Palestinians, which can hopefully lead to sovereignty eventually, but make no mistake it's mostly just getting back to where we were. It's taken this long to untangle the infitada's web of bullshit. It's a big step for Israel to leave themselves open and depend on Abbas to keep the militants in check, but Abbas is still seriously making efforts to control them, pushing Hamas towards a one-year ceasefire. For all our sakes let's hope another suicide bomber doesn't freeze this process.