Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Stepping Up

May I ask, ladies and gentlemen, what's wrong with Street Justice? I was immensely heartened by this story, especially since it came in over AP. Iraq is turning into an evermore fascinating slice of world history, and this display of courage from everyday Iraqi people shows the election and voting were only the beginning:

"Gunbattles erupted out in the streets of the southern Baghdad neighborhood of Doura, where militants wearing black hoods and riding in three cars opened fire on people shopping on a main street. Shopkeepers and residents returned fire, killing three assailants. A man, woman and child were injured and taken to a hospital."

While there's still plenty in this story about American troops and Iraqi national guardsmen dying, this is a powerful glimmer of hope, and shows the Iraqi people don't just hate the insurgents, they're now wiling to take the fight to them themselves. Even more shocking comes this from Republicans' favorite punching bag:

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said al-Jaafari was not as "upbeat as our people, who seem to be very excited about the quality of the Iraqi police force."

"My sense was, he was certainly in no rush to hand over security to his new police force," Boxer, a vocal opponent of the war, said during a visit to Baghdad.

At least she's clearly down with the fact that we need to stay there and see this thrrough. The man she's talking about, Mr. Jaafari, is going to be the new P.M., and despite thoughts that his Al-Sistani backed party is a front for Iran, seems perfectly fine with the continuing presence of U.S. troops.