Thursday, March 17, 2005

Testimony of MLB

My heart broke a little more today. In my last post about steroids in baseball, I said I still held out some hope that the allegations that Mark McGwire used steroids were untrue. After watching McGwire's moving testimony today in front of Congress, most of that hope is gone. While Raphael Palmero and Sammy Sosa denied ever using steroids, McGwire said he would not answer any questions about whether he, or any players he knew, used performance-enhancing drugs. That sounds suspiciously like an admission and maybe the sooner I accept that the better. Yes, my hero used illegal performance enhancing drugs, and Major League Baseball did nothing at the time to deter him.

If there is any good news that comes from this testimony, it was the attacks on Jose Canseco from most of the players that were testifying. Even Curt Shilling, who was apparently there because he has been an outspoken opponent of steroids in baseball, took the time to discredit Canseco. The importance of that should not be underestimated; the Committee heard from someone inside baseball that they respect that Canseco’s book is just an attempt to make money, and does nothing to deter steroid use in baseball. If only the Committee realized this earlier and refused to even call him as a witness and give him an open forum to push his book.