Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Ban

DCSOB sums up probably everyone's thoughts on DC Culture as it relates to cell phones, crackberries, lanyards, and how ineffective the cell phone ban in DC has been, as well as great ideas for improving its effectiveness!

"So it comes as no surprise that el WaPo finds people yapping away on cell phones in cars despite a ban that has been around for nearly a year. With few signs, out-of-towners can hardly be blamed, but the bulk of the people I see on the streets are Virginians, impervious to the world in their SUVs, cutting off other drivers and nearly killing shocked pedestrians as they order for delivery off a Chinese restaurant menu while in a traffic circle, steering with their knees.

Fellow blogger AMG often says he wants removable stickers for pedestrians to stick on the windows of violators' cars, but it's likely that the ratio of enlightened or shamed drivers to merciless beat-downs is not high enough to make it worthwhile for all but the most intimidating-looking activists."

I think Maryland drivers deserve some of the blame here too. But that's just me. One other bizarre thing I've noticed, probably on the opposite end of the spectrum with our communication OCD city, is grown men playing Gameboys. Opposite the politico blowhards, Hill Rats, and money-mad contractor pirates are a bunch of laidback looking guys in suits in their 30s and 40s not caring who the hell sees them playing Mario Games. They are the ones to follow, DC!