Thursday, April 28, 2005

Baseball Rage

The TV broadcast rights battle over the Nationals continues to spiral into the realm of absurdity. Now it seems as though the only chance for hearing them is going to be through Federal News Radio! And who is there to spike it but James F! Here's a warm fuzzy about Peter Angelos:

"It's hard to describe the unjustifiable level of anger I feel toward Angelos. But I will try to put it in perspective. I would like to take a large metal item, sort of like a giant speculum, and jam it up his rectum. Then, I would clamp the handles together, thus causing him to be eviscerated from the inside out, in a highly gruesome manner. And then, as I'm walking away, someone would come up to me and be all, "Where's Peter Angelos?" and I would answer, "He had to split." In an inexplicably Austrian accent."

If anything, Angelos is guaranteeing through his shenanigans that eventually people in DC are going to downright transform from former O's fans to complete O's haters. And it won't be one of those fun, friendly rivalries. It'll be the battery throwing kind.