Tuesday, April 05, 2005


The upcoming Parliamentary elections in Britain, scheduled for May 5th, are really going to produce some fireworks. Labour and the Tories are slugging it out in a dead heat. Of special interest: the rise of the Liberal Democrats. This is interesting for two reasons. The first is that the Liberal Democrats have largely been an irrelevant party since Labour really rose to power in the 20th Century. The second is that it may mean real movement to a three party system in Britain. I would speculate that a lot of the reason the Liberal Democrats are gaining power is said in their advertisement, pictured on the Indy site. It pictures Blair and Bush together and the caption reads "Lost Trust in Labor? Time for a REAL Alternative." There are a lot of left-leaning people in Britain very irritated about the Iraq War and uncomfortable with Blair and Bush's relationship, although that relationship has strained somewhat lately.

Blair mostly seems to be suffering base problems:

"Labour's problems in getting its traditional backers to turn out are highlighted by the NOP poll, which found that only 64 per cent of Labour supporters say they are certain to vote compared with 77 per cent of Conservative supporters."

For Indy's coverage of the parties and their various positions in strategies, see Labour, Tories, and Libdems. Also of great use is Telegraph's Fact Sheet. The Telegraph's perspective, should you prefer right-minded, is Labour, Tories, and Libdems.