Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Eco-Terrorist Bookworm Has Book Thrown At Him

“I want nothing more than to be a physicist,” Cottrell said. “I would do anything to earn any leniency the court could show in this matter.”

That's what aspiring physicist and convicted eco-terrorist Cottrell said before the judge threw the book at him. 8 years in prison for the firebombing of car dealerships and vandalism against SUVs. As someone who hates the H2 with the fire of a thousand suns (especially the ones that decide to make U-turns in the middle of M-street at the height of Georgetown Traffic) and all other SUVs to a lesser extent, I still can't find any sympathy for this guy. His defense hoped for the five year minimum, stating that he had a form of autism that kept him from backing out of the fire bombing when it started. I just don't buy it, and neither did the judge.

People like Cottrell and his ilk, in all their eco-terrorist actions, do more to discredit the environmental movement than any Michael Crichton novel (or maybe they provide the inspiration for Michael Crichton novels. . .) and deserve to be behind bars with any other criminals, vandals, and abortion clinic bombers. And, honestly, if he had been anything other than a grad student at CalTech he probably would've gotten even more time.