Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday Gatling Blog

As last week, I'm bringing you posts all over the blogosphere I find interesting. We have, for this week, the sexiness of President Bush, John Bolton flashback, screwing with 9:30 Club hipsters, and weaknesses of China. Here we go!

BlondeSense analyzes a survey, a WORLDWIDE survey, about how sexy women find President Bush.

Rudepundit provides transcripts and thoughts on the John Bolton of 1999 and he finds: flip flopping!

A kinder, gentler James F at why.i.hate.dc declares that he does care about DC, and that's why the fact that it sucks bothers him so much.

DCeiver mocks DC hipsters and scenesters over ticket presales yet again in hilarious dramatic play format.

The Glittering Eye finds weakness number 1 in China, the graying of the population, a consequence of the "one child policy."

Centerfield discusses a protest in China, China weakness number 2.

Staunch Moderate tackles that paradox: more cameras in public places yields more privacy?

Ambivablog muses over the absurd act of writing a real letter on stationary in today's digital world.

And, Charging RINO discusses Lincoln's legacy on the anniversary of his assasination yesterday.