Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday Gatling Blog

Again, stuff I saw this week that interested me. There's ever more! This week is pretty political.

Staunch Moderate smacks down the USDA's Food Tetrahedron.

Transparent Eye ponders Benedict XVI's real ideology and past politics.

Arnold P. California at Demagogue wonders if events in Spain prove that Osama supports gay marriage.

The Debate Link tackles the unconstitutionality of a gay adoption law in Texas.

Crooked Timber talks oil, and the comment section explodes.

Obsidian Wings calls out Microsoft for cowardice and kowtowing.

Froggy and Smash toss out the rumors and possibilities of terrorist SCUBA attacks as unfeasible.

Slacktivist tries to get to what the word liberal and liberalism mean and the judiciary, and that the idea becomes all the more confused, and that a lot of it originally had to do with the Puritan ideal of "freedom of conscience."

Alex Tabarrok Marginal Revolution, no haven for liberalism, questions the validity of the academic discrimination studies, and, for that matter, discrimination studies in general, on the basis of self-selection bias. Dan Drezner, also far from liberal, actually concurs.

Running Scared takes the time to actually break down and analyze a credit card offer's terms and conditions. It's scary.

Bacon's Rebellion weighs in on the VA state Dem and GOP Primaries. I agree with them on both counts.

Red State updates us on the move to stop the FEC from completely ruining blogging. It looks like Congress might come through for us on this one.

Ambivablog discusses the "skirt strategy" for Bush's judicial nominees.