Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday Gatling Blog

Buckle up. It's that time of the week again.

Dan Drezner discusses the future of internet advertising, especially as it relates to blogs and blog syndicates looking to capture new pieces of this huge pie.

One of my favorites, Bamacrat, feels mostly encouraged, but somewhat disheartened by the President's performance last night.

(Disclaimer: I was drinking, and the bar I was at, even though a Republican hangout, didn't show the press conference)

The Debate Link wonders if marriage is being deconstructed post-modernist style by the right.

Winds of Change peers into a gay and lesbian film festival in China and riffs on what it meants about market-communist China's future.

Random Fate, ex-pat, tries to control the rage and frustration of watching his country's politics from afar. I feel that, yo.

Obsidian Wings has a lot about the obscene book-banning in public libraries in Alabama.

DCSOB tells the tourists what NOT TO DO, and the comments section explodes! (you'll find me there). Feel free to leave your own suggestions.

Siberian Light is a great resource for Russian news and has a COLOSSAL weekly roundup, and this week covers an empty speech by Putin and the corrupt Yukos verdict.

Speculist discusses the possibilities of life being destroyed on earth, and how a super volcano is MUCH more likely than a meteorite (but more likely, of course, is Robotic Takeover)

Futurepundit talks oil fields and methane producing bacteria. . .could we have a way to produce LOTS more natural gas?

Big Picture looks at the GDP numbers, and is not encouraged.

Ambivablog has the good, the bad, and the funny. Check, check, and check.