Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday Ping Pong: Arbitrary Mother Banana Republic

In which I round up various arguments and smart points in the blogosphere I choose and like at random. Call it an Instabastard impression, but I hope to make it a new feature here at RM.

The Debate Link offers a vicious legal smackdown to Powerline over the Hamdan case and the saga of Guantanamo Bay.

Economic Realist Barry Ritholz at Big Picture explains the problem with economic forecasting, with a lot of discussion of rising oil prices and the impact, and why economists continue to get it wrong.

Ambivablog has a deep, as they always are, post on linguistics, Strict-Father societies, the Pope and the Church that connects parents and society with ideology and provides an exigesis of some of the Pope's viewpoints.

Obsidian Wings presents a post and long, raucous thread of comments about the "nuclear option" and the legitimacy of filibustering judicial nominees.

And, last for this edition, but certainly not least, Rudepundit "proudly lowering the level of political discourse" in his usually gut-bustingly hilarious and offensive beyond measure way about the Arizone Minuteman project.