Monday, April 11, 2005

Genocide? I'll Pencil You In For Next Month

The stagnation of the international community in dealing with Darfur is starting to reach cartoonish levels. Egypt had attempted to host a five nation summit on the region and a plan to deal with it, but it's being postponed. Why? No one could attend it because of "scheduling conflicts." This is not only the height of arrogance, but the height of callousness as well. I can understand some nations being hesitant to take military action out of cowardice and fear, I can understand some opposing sanctions because of avarice and business dealings, though all of those are foul motives, at least they make sense in their own perverse and evil way. But not even having a meeting? The international community LOVES meetings and rhetoric, and if the situation doesn't warrant that it's worse than I thought.

At least Darfur provoked concerns at a donor conference about the recent North-South Sudan peace agreement and rebuilding. But then again, no sanctions, no military action, just hesitation and less pocket change for a murderous state to arm more militias. It's pretty sad when you can't get 1) people to schedule a meeting about something, and 2), as follows:

"The ongoing conflict in Darfur puts donors in a difficult situation. While there is a genuine interest in helping Sudan to consolidate the north-south peace, the international community is on a growing distance to the Khartoum regime over war crimes in Darfur. Few Western countries therefore want to channel funds via Khartoum, although wanting to be part in the rebuilding of the South."

Instead of sanctions and action, I guess the best they can do is give the regime in Khartoum less money. But then again, to quote that great old song "Nothing from nothing means nothing."

UPDATE: Check out the Daily Darfur over at Coalition for Darfur for more information on these developments.