Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hugo Chavez: Imminent Threat?

Barcepundit has a roundup about a disturbing arms sale. Unfortunately, almost all of it is in Spanish (of which I can just gist, thanks to two semesters of C+ Spanish, I can still read some of it). (One-fingered salute, Instabastard). Although I think most people can understand the key thesis of the news report just from the cognates:

"España vendió a Venezuela "material paramilitar o de seguridad" y "agentes toxicológicos y materiales radiactivos" por 539.603 euros en el primer semestre de 2004, según se desprende del informe sobre 'Exportaciones españolas realizadas de Material de Defensa y de Productos y Tecnologías de Doble Uso' del Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio, al que tuvo acceso Europa Press."

Barcepundit provides an excellent synopsis and translation though. It's enough to scare you, considering that this is another route for Cuba to acquire some of this stuff, considering Chavez and Castro are very buddy-buddy. Also, Chavez is a sketchy guy who is definitely hostile to American interests. With the importance of Venezualan oil, Chavez's regional ambitions, and the Cuban angle, this is an explosive development. Our former "Coalition of the Willing" member has definitely thrown some gasoline on one of our fires.