Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I Wonder If He's Running against Charlie Murphy?

He's Rick James (bitch), and he's running for City Council. And people are stealing his signs. This whitebread City Council candidate in Hattiesburg Mississippi just can't win:

“It’s gotten so bad, I can put out a sign and the next day, sometimes the same day, it will be gone,” the 53-year-old political hopeful in Hattiesburg told The Associated Press.

At first he was confused about the popularity of his “Vote for Rick James” signs, having never seen the show.

Friends then informed him about the sketch, in which comedian Dave Chappelle dresses as James and utters a catch phrase beginning, “I’m Rick James ... “

I say Rick needs to wait by one of his signs, and when the drunk frat guys show up, emerge from the shadows and give them a nice "What did the five fingers say to the face? SSSSAAALAP!" Apparently the thefts are making it hard to run his low-budget campaign, but you can't beat that kind of name recognition.