Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Maybe I was Wrong

I used to argue that the Las Vegas “What happens here, stays here” ad campaign was a bad idea. Although I generally don’t like that slogan as a philosophy (even a temporary one), that isn’t the real problem I had with it. My problem was that I thought Las Vegas should be spending advertisement money on a campaign that brings new people to the city. It was my opinion that everyone already knew Vegas had the reputation of being a crazy place where you do stuff you might not otherwise do. So if it already had that reputation, then it would be a waste of money to just repeat that message. Basically, I thought the ads should be geared towards showing off the family friendly environment. This way, the city would already attract those that know and like the “what happens here” idea of Vegas, and it would also attract families.

But after reading through this article in the NY Times, I realized that my idea of Vegas was very outdated. It turns out that Las Vegas isn’t trying to appeal to families; it is trying to appeal to adults who want to pay for luxury. In this way it has moved away from being associated only with gambling – entertainment and the nightlife are a very big part of the attraction. You no longer have to be a high roller to stay in the expensive rooms or suites – now you can pay for them. And it is that ad campaign that is helping attract adults looking for both luxury and excitement. I bet it is no coincidence that one of the commercials has a group of girls riding in a limo all laughing at one of the girls. It shows the girls enjoying luxury, entertainment, as well as a little intrigue. So, yes, I admit I was wrong about the ad campaign. It does seem to be working well to portray the image that Las Vegas wants of itself. But that doesn't mean you will see me there any time soon.