Wednesday, April 13, 2005

OG Zombies

It seems this summer horror movies are getting a higher profile. Not only was Dark Water moved up a month early into early July, a TOUGH slot, because the studio thought it was quality enough to compete (which, if it's anything as good as Suzuki's original story, it will compete. I still have nightmares about the red hello kitty bag. . .) but now Land of the Dead is taking a similar cue. Romero's newest zombie opus to follow on his "Of the Dead" trilogy has been moved into June 24th, when it was originally scheduled for OCTOBER. That is a collosal shift.

Thankfully Romero got his way and the zombies are walking, not running. Romero thinks there's something wrong with running zombies, mostly because he views the zombie as metaphor. Especially metaphorically this time: the plot is rumored to involve survivors holed up in Pittsburgh skyscrapers (Pittsburgh skyscrapers? i guess if ten stories is a skyscraper that could be true) with the zombies ruling the streets below. Corporate analogies much? Anyway, good news is the cast: Dennis Hopper, Asia Argento, John Leguizamo, and SIMON PEGG AND EDGAR WRIGHT IN ZOMBIE CAMEOS! Guess Romero enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, though we already know he has a macabre sense of humor. If you look at the IMDB profile, a lot of the zombies are named. Romero hinted that some of his zombies would be "Super Bubs", of course referencing the non-stupid zombie from Day of the Dead. It's definitely got me curious.

What's taking up the slot in October? The adaptation of Doom, pushed away from August. Ouch.