Thursday, April 28, 2005

Talk about Frivolous Lawsuits!

I thought the Republican Party was supposed to be the party opposed to frivolous lawsuits? It looks like the Florida GOP didn't get the memo (Point Progression, via Random Fate). Rep. Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala), is trying to pass a law called the "Academic Freedom Bill of Rights", which is anything but that.

The law allows students to sue their teachers for teaching "controversial" material without a "legitimate pedagogical purpose." It doesn't take a lot to realize what he's talking about here: Evolution. I really don't know how this is productive in any sense of the term. Although, honestly, I'm sure the ACLU would actually LOVE this law, because so many people would be suing on the basis of their being offended by the "controversial" material that it would be court bonanza. Even if the goal is to get creationism and ID into the classroom, this is counterproductive because the bill would then allow more atheists and children of other religions to sue.

It is as Homer Simpson said. Florida really is America's Wang.