Thursday, May 26, 2005

Early Friday Gatling Blog

Since in all likelihood I won't have a chance to post tomorrow, and since I was Derelict on a couple of these things, I'm giving you the Friday blogistan tour on Thursday. And, in the words of Reverend Black Thought: "Step into the realm, you're bound to get caught, from this early life we'll soon depart." It's a big one, yo! And I'm trying to bring some more right-wing flavors to the table.

Rudepundit thinks Jesus hates Family Research Council's Prayer Team.

2Blowhards laments for the Corcoran Library's architectural woes.

Balloon Juice, known for being Conservative, tries to defend Newsweek's actions.

A shitstorm (Dean's World) ensues (response) all over the place. (Right Wing Nuthouse). This is probably the most intelligent exchange I've seen about the whole Newsweek incident and subsequent fallout about the credibility or not of the story, and for once transcends the low-level media criticism of "Bias! Yeah, that's all I've got," of many right-wing bloggers. (Not you, PoP, before I find a bunch of Media Research Center stormtroopers waiting for me at home)

SMASH also has, as usual, a tough and sensible analysis of it with a nice roundup.

Rantingprofs dissects the media blackout of recent terrorism in Madrid.

Gateway Pundit has all you want to know about the Zarqawi shakeup/injury/replacement and its impact on Iraq and Al-Qaida.

Mr. Sun has the best advice for graduates ever.

As per InstructorA's comments, TigerHawk discusses Al Qaida's West African Connection.

Free Range Librarian defends bloggers from one of her own, and talks about the roots and basic philosophy of blogging as not really a new idea. Was Samuel Johnson the first blogger? He makes a convincing case.

Riding Sun talks the increasing Japan vs. China flaps.

Froggy Rumination thinks the Dems will knife the RINOs in the back sooner rather than later over the compromise.

Ace of Trump thinks Palestine is learning from America, or at least Chicago.

Vodkapundit tells a Principal to grow up.

Bubblegeneration explains how to do NYTDigital better, instead of just showing some rabies like is in-style in Blogistan these days.

Last, but certainly never least, Ambivablog, spiritual nomad, discusses God Without Religion.

And. . .I'm spent.

CORRECTION. . .Free Range Librarian kindly corrected me as to her sex. I apologize and will feign nothing but sexist assumptions (oops!). I'll make sure not to make that mistake from now on.