Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Gatling Blog: The Hand That Feeds Edition

To make up for last week's absence, I bring you Gatling Blog Gigante!

Blondesense ponders Mary Carey and the GOP.

Ambivablog talks about homosexuality, ex-gays, and how it relates to the self-help and actualization movement (SHAM) with some good links and great comments.

Beautiful Atrocities posits the genealogy of Katie Couric.

The Talking Dog has commentary on Iraq's version of the Constitutional Convention.

A Silent Cacophony follows the Army's fragging incident.

Vodkapundit thinks the magazine industry is in bigger trouble that it might even seem.

Smash, in what is quickly becoming one of his greatest hits in Blogistan, rips into the counter-recruiters.

2Blowhards wants to know why everyone turns into a busybody whenever a new economics book or study comes out.

Obsidian Wings tackles a nearly impossible task: defending Dick Durbin against Powerline.

Bubble Generation says immigrants in Canada are getting a raw deal.

Random Fate pulls the only insight out of the Schiavo aftermath worth reading.

Politburo Diktat announces a new blogger community/alliance: The Raging RINOs.

Michael J. Totten has found a new tourist attraction: Chernobyl!

The Speculist ruminates over Evil Glenn, form 2 and the most earth-shattering trend at work in the world right now: De-Industrialization.

Free Range Librarian expounds on Link+ and the state of digital book-sharing.

Ezra Klein fears that blood will be in the water if the GOP abandons Social Security reform.

Dean Esmay joins the debate over cocooning, gerbils, and blogs.