Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday Gatling Blog: I'm Just Raw Edition

Whoa, Nelly! No, seriously. I mean it.

The Moderate Voice fisks Noonan, as well as any other Nixon-era hacks who want to champion the cause of burglar's rights in his wake.

SorryIGotDrunk has Pre-view Re-views for this weekend's movies. I think he's right on the whole 10 drinks to enjoy that Sisterhood movie. Yikes.

Blondesense notices that parents are a big source of the military's recruiting woes.

Charging RINO bashes Chairman Dean's "positive" agenda.

Demagogue lambasts the VA Nursing Home cuts.

The Big Picture analyzes the latest payroll numbers.

Southern Appeal calls MoveOn's latest attack ad "silliness." And they're deadly right.

Red Hot Cuppa Politics wonders whether America is still clueless about China 16 years after Tiennamen.

Rantingprofs logs some absurd media coverage of a hijacked flight today.

Tigerhawk has an account of Thailand's national War on Terror and what else Al Qaida is up to lately.

Mr. Sun finds new political mysteries.

Jesus' General pitches a movie to the Governator.

And The Speculist plays God with species resurrection.