Friday, July 22, 2005

Looking to the Moose

Bull Moose has done a great job analyzing the attempted London bombings - and has included some great analysis from other people as well. One of his best points is the following:

"As the Moose has previously noted, the Jihadist threat is a fight against the modern variant of the reactionary fascist scourge. It is not a generic fight against terrorism, but rather a specific battle against a totalitarian ideology that has hijacked a faith."

He goes on to say that although British Prime Minister Tony Blair clearly understands that this is a war of ideas, both Republicans and Democrats seem to miss this point. The right is intent on the war aspect of the fight against terrorism, but does not seem to fully grasp that minds need to be changed also. Which is why the Bush administration should echo Blair's call for a summit to deal with Islamic extremism - and include Middle Eastern countries in this summit.

But worse, the left seems too intent on bashing the Bush administration and connecting the attacks to the War in Iraq or other problems that the Middle East has with western policies. This time the Moose uses someone else's words to argue that liberals need to change their focus:

"The case for the liberal war against the Jihadists is also passionately articulated in an article by Peter Ross Range in the forthcoming Blueprint,

'If it weren't already obvious that liberals should be leading exponents of the war on terror -- rather than only its sharpest critics -- then the London terror attacks should have had a clarifying effect. By striking one of the most liberal-minded cities in the world, the jihadists showed their disdain for the place where more Muslims have found greater refuge from the failings of their own societies, politically and economically, than anywhere else. Nowhere else do they experience greater freedom of speech -- including the right to use their mosques to incite violence against non-Muslims.'"

Those on the left should not refrain from criticism of the Bush administration, but we should realize the terrorists have no legitimate grievances. They are not protesting policies but attacking the fundamental aspects of our society that we hold dear.