Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Gatling Blog: Villains Rocking Blue Hair Edition

It's late on Friday, but I have arrived with a full plate of gatling blog glory of this week's more provocative posts for you all. The Carnival of the Involuntary. . .fire away!

Vodkapundit crushes Pat Robertson more succintly and powerfully than anyone ever has.

Liquid List keeps tabs on John Bolton's psychotic beginnings at the U.N.

The Anchoress comments on George Will and Hillary's coming implosion.

Right Wing Nuthouse wants to see Cindy Sheehan's bus tour. Be careful what you wish for.

Progressive Conservatism has plenty on Vietnam and its explosive development as of late.

Voice of the Taciturn discusses CIA problems and reform.

Tigerhawk writes probably one of the most sobering and best essays on anti-war dissent I've ever seen.

Marginal Revolution says welfare states might be obsolete. I would venture that's sort of an almost Marxist comment! (But won't say why, because this is Gatling Blog, and in Gatling Blog I don't editorialize).

In the Agora answers an old Kerry prophesy that no one probably noticed didn't come true.

The Jawa Report writes a rosary for the left.

Virginia Centrist reiterates that not all Democrats are crazy leftists.

Classical Values extensively covers the underground economy in America.

Donklephant asks a very important question.