Friday, September 23, 2005

Choose Wisely

So there's the big antiwar protest this weekend. I've gotten numerous emails about it on all the (D) listservs I've been on. Everyone, even moderate D's (who are anti-war, of course), see it as a big tent coming together type deal of sensible people coming to try to end the war. What they don't understand, though, is that it is being run, organized, and put forth by these nutjobs (this piece is by David Corn, yes, David Corn, of the superliberal The Nation, and it is a thorough denouncing of this group). That's right: A.N.S.W.E.R. The protest will be attended by a lot of neophytes, and will likely be quite a large event. But make no mistake, this isn't some level-headed peace march. ANSWER is much more nutty and extreme than that. I don't have problems with antiwar protests. I don't think, especially in the Iraq situation, that's its particular extreme, or "treasonous" as so many would like to label it. Its dissent. But run by these people it's dissent of a particularly rabid, moonbat type.

Dems tethered themselves to Cindy Sheehan for awhile. And it worked, and most Dems didn't see a problem with it. Mostly because the MSM was extra kind to Sheehan and didn't choose to dwell on the moments when she called the killers of her son "freedom fighters" and that Casey died in a "Zionist War" and that she wanted immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan and found that war just as immoral as Iraq. In other words: they got lucky that Sheehan wasn't really called out for the nutjob she was. As ANSWER gains strength and support amongst mainstream liberals, they're going to need a lot more luck to hide what ANSWER really believes in: views, stances, and demands that would not only terrify almost all of middle America, but should do the same even to lefties and liberals who understand their insanity. My message: one should be careful about one's company, and the causes one anchors oneself too. What seems like a perhaps sensible, mainstream war protest is unlikely to turn out so, and is going to support a lot of madness many people shouldn't want anything to do with.