Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Flipping the Byrd

Holy Constitutional issues, Batman. I doubt even uber-patriots will find the following acceptable (Received via email):

As the Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel, I am pleased to announce "Constitution Day and Citizenship Day." Public Law 108-447 designates September 17 of each year as "Constitution Day and Citizenship Day." This law was mandated in response to a proposal introduced by Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) to strengthen our patriotism.

In accordance with the Consolidated Appropriations (H.R. 4818), Public Law 108-447, Division J, Title I, Sec. 111; amends Section 106 of 36 U.S.C. "(a) The head of each Federal agency or department shall - (1) provide each new employee of the agency or department with educational and training materials concerning the United States Constitution as part of the orientation materials provided to the new employees; and (2) provide educational and training material concerning the United States Constitution to each employee of the agency or department on September 17 of each year."

Proof positive that none of our civil servants EVER passed civics 101 in middle school.