Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Most Magnificent Defeat Ever

Besides maybe Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Don Young, master of multi-million dollar ice-bridges to nowhere named after himself, lost his bid to become Homeland Security chairman. Thank Gawd. Seeing as how DHS has already been a pork bonanza in granting a lot of local police and Governors security-related slush funds, Don Young would've only made it worse. Who knows what kinds of maniacal things he could've justified in the name of Homeland Security to bring more pork to Alaska. Perhaps counter-terrorism training for Caribou? Bomb detectors in Alaskan native villages? A Terrorist-Threat Integration Center for Juno? It boggles the mind. The man deserves to be impeached for the egregious waste he slips in every piece of legislation, and I can rest safer at night knowing he's not going to have his grubby mitts on our security money.