Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Gatling Blog: Return to Sanity Edition

It's back. I bring you the Carnival of the Involuntary. Posts from left to right, up to down, crazed to calm, moonbat to monomaniacal.

Blackfive examines the Pentagon's tough new stance on Milblogs. Seems to me it's completely counterproductive given the free Public Affairs points so many Milblogs have given them.

Classical Values discusses the "bottom line" in the Republican Senate in regard to judicial nominees.

Blue Mass Group talks Plame, Rove, and the Espionage Act.

Dean Esmay challenges Conservatives on their ire about eminent domain.

FuturePundit goes back to the past, comparing the 1918 flu pandemic with the current avian flu scare, and finds alarming similarities.

Gateway Pundit has info on the most recent intercepted Al Qaeda documents, and the information may (depending on your point of view) vindicate neocons.

In the Agora reports on a Delaware Supreme Court ruling that should have all bloggers breathing a little easier.

Matt Yglesias wonders if the new "Universal College" idea floating around is good material for the Dems to take into their party platform. Color him skeptical.

The New Editor analyzes a new study that looks at the Democrats' prospects if they move further left. Answer: not good.

The Fourth Rail breaks down the current status of the Iraqi National Guard, and I mean with REAL statistics.

The Anchoress presents a roundup (metablog within a metablog! chew on that!) and asks, "Is Harriet Miers Bad for Everyone?"

Sortapundit talks about the McCain amendment, cruel and degrading treatment, and rhetorically hits Sen. Ted Stevens (remember, one of the pro-torture 9!) so hard I think everyone named Ted, or Steven, or who lives in Alaska felt it.

Rightwing Nuthouse laments George W. Bush's state of affairs, and does some high-level thinking about the Presidency and approval polls. Also, labels this the "summer of disappointment," of course capped off by Harriet Miers. Spot on.

Progressive Conservatism rounds up Energy and Environment stories, lots of interesting news on that front, including a peek at the next Fed chair.

Planet Moron asks libs if they really want Karl Rove indicted.

New Liberalism catches Sudan's government in another Colossal Bastard moment. That peace agreement with Southern Sudan looks like it has a quicker expiration date than anyone believed.

Matt Stinson recounts Islam in China. Firsthand reporting with pictures! He better watch out blogging from China or Google and Cisco might shut him down.

Elephant in Exile dissects the latest economic numbers in the aftermath of Katrina and wonders if Babs Bush was right in saying some would be better off. Conclusion: kinda sorta but not really?

Last but not least, Mr. Sun present Bush's new, better Cabinet.