Friday, October 21, 2005

From One Recovering Moonbat

Time for a little story about Senor C.

Private conversations amongst the contributors to this blog recently focused on the idea of political correctness as applicable to males, females and gender-word associations. How it spiraled into a completely off-the-wall conversation is not only characteristic of the contributors to this blog (in a positive sense mind you), it is also a perfect example of why I left academia. Okay, okay, I type that like I was on tenure track, but I get ahead of myself again. As a "faculty member" at my alma mater, I was fortunate enough to have worked in an office that I regarded highly as a student, the equivalent of the school's multicultural affairs office. As a student affairs professional, seeking to "support and challenge" primarily our Asian American students was my sole charge as their professional representative in my division. Now, it was your typical Left-leaning slate of activities, leadership training, mentoring, etc., specific to the Asian and Asian American undergraduates and graduates (You'd be surprised how much the United States has screwed Asian Americans over it's history. Civil Rights issues are not a White versus Black thing, like the axis of Sharpton-Jackson-Farrakhan often make it out to be). At the time, I considered it a dream come true and my stepping stone to a long career as a higher education professional.

Now for those of you familiar with my alma mater's structure, you would know a) the Asian American (and Hispanic affairs) division was relatively new, b) being in the South, the school was already the proud owner of years of racial strife, and c) the African American affairs division was a completely separate entity with years of established programs. Well, being the new kid on the block from an organziational standpoint, never sat too well with our Black counterparts. That being said, professional relationships were built and began strengthening over time, but for some reason, the tension between our offices never really resolved. This came as a surprise to me (and only me apparently), being the idealist that I WAS at the time. Well, it seemed like our colleagues at the African American affairs office were having a bad day, but the straw that broke THIS camel's back was the day our office was told "We won't work with you as long as you don't have any African American staff." I kid you not. One unbelievably ignorant statement later, and everything I had previously worked for as a loyal soldier of the Left went straight down the god-damned toilet. My realization that identity politics was futile over the long-term was a hard one for me to swallow, but as time goes on I've only found more and more evidence that these people (i.e. the Moonbats) are just so wrong-headed they don't even deserve to be in this country.

(Tip o' the Hat, Michelle)