Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Takes One To Know One

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe is really breathing some fire lately:

Im a stirring speech which laid bare the open and underhand destabilisation manoeuvres of the United States and Britain, President Mugabe yesterday strongly denounced the two countries for continuously meddling in the internal affairs of developing countries.

This came in the wake of a statement by the US Ambassador to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Mr Tony Hall, who had criticised the United Nations food agency for inviting the President to the organisation's 60th anniversary commemorations.

Mr Hall was quoted in a number of newspapers here and on the Internet as saying the US was amazed that Cde Mugabe had been invited to speak at the FAO anniversary and that the President had "done so much to hurt the hungry" and had "absolutely turned his back on the poor".

Departing from his prepared speech, President Mugabe said Zimbabwe is a UN member and the world body's agencies such as FAO and is not an extension of the US.

Read the link for Mugabe's whole speech, in which he compares the U.S. and Britain to Hitler and Mussolini, champions his own country's democracy, discusses how the U.S. has crushed democracy abroad, and other such absurdities. We've blasted Zimbabwe before, here's Prince of Perksia on the subject, and here's some other incriminating stuff dug up by the Coalition For Darfur. I could go on and on and on finding evidence of this thug's legacy of brutality, but why bother? He's a President-for-Life leader of a sham, one-party tyranny that has kept his people poor, starved, and oppressed. He says Bush and Blair are like Hitler? Well, I guess he would know more than anyone because he seems to be schooled in the arts of fascist dictators better than almost any tinpot ruler out there.