Tuesday, November 15, 2005

By The Power Invested in Me...

...by myself as a blogger, I declare this guy a fruit loop:

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) - A Presbyterian Church pastor in Arlington is protesting Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage by ending traditional marriages at his church, too.

Pastor David Ensign of Clarendon Presbyterian Church says he'll perform "commitment celebrations" for heterosexual couples but they won't carry the weight of law. Ensign is giving up his authority to perform marriages on the state's behalf.

The pastor tells The Washington Post his conscious had been nagging him because he says Virginia's marriage laws are unjust and unequal.

Of course, this pastor is well within his rights to refuse to exercise his prerogatives as an ordained minister to officiate over weddings and sign marriage licenses, but it's rather odd to see this coming from a pulpit. I can understand, to some extent---although of course I theologically differ-- with a liberal preacher actively advocating the state change its marriage laws in this regard, but to altogether stop performing legally-binding wedding ceremonies for the sake of that agenda?

At any rate, a casual read-through of his archived sermons shows that this guy often pontificates on politics from the pulpit. Sort of the bizarro version of Pat Robertson, only with a much, much smaller following (the Post reported his congregation hovers around the 100-member mark).

For Ensign's sermons, click here. And speaking of, here's just a sample of teaching, which apparently lumps murderous al Qaeda thugs in with Dubya and Kerry as "children of God":

The Presbyterian Church of our day, in its most recent catechism, asks the same question in more personal terms: who are you?

You have all heard this often enough: who are you? I am a child of God.

And, the second question asks, what does that mean? That God loves me.

We are, then, children of a loving God who are to praise God and enjoy God forever; who are, in essence, to love God.That is the fundamental identity of all human beings: beloved children of God. It stands for all of us: conservative or liberal, man or woman, straight or gay, American or not, rich or poor, whatever race or creed or conviction. It stands for George W. Bush and for John Kerry. It stands for James Forbes and for Jerry Falwell. It stands for Pat Robertson and for William Sloan Coffin. It stands for churches at home in the Christian Coalition and for those more comfortable with Sojourners. It stands for American soldiers and for al Queda terrorists.