Tuesday, November 08, 2005

End Of An Era For St. Louis

Unlike some of my Restless Mania cohorts, I cannot claim any sort of allegiance to a particular baseball team or the game of baseball in general, so mourning the demise of the St. Louis Cardinals’ Busch Stadium may seem a bit out of character. But I shall mourn it nonetheless.

The wrecking balls attacked the concrete giant yesterday, slowly chipping away at the forty years of St. Louis history to make way for a more modern rendition. The new stadium promises better seating, better views, better concession stands… and better profits for the owners. Alas, this is something we Washingtonians are grappling with as well as the prospect of the RFK-replacement looms overhead.

But perhaps that’s fodder for another post.

For now, farewell to the Busch Stadium, from baseball fans big and small. With you goes a big part of St. Louis history. You shall be missed.