Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I know I've not blogged much of late... I'll give you a dose of what my tired, sleep-deprived, mind thinks is funny in IM conversation. Keep in mind too this was in a conversation with a former girlfriend who never really got my humor anyway:

me: oh man, crazy times
me: the girl at the coffee shop tonight, at caribou coffee
me: gave me $0.10 off my coffee, although I got the trivia question wrong
me: so I tipped well
me: then I went too far and opened up my trenchcoat
me: scalding hot coffee really really hurts on the crotch, lemme tell you

Anyway, that's some filler stuff which nonetheless is a window into my soul for our average reader.. I do hope to blog more substantively in the near future, perhaps on my thoughts on the renewed "war over Christmas" we've seen lately by activists fighting back against the generic "Happy Holidays" crap we see in politically-correct retail America.

Even the Speaker of the House has joined the fight, renaming the Capitol HolidayTree to its traditional moniker, the Capitol Christmas Tree, which, of course, I'm fine with, mind you.

But I do think this is on some level a silly, silly political fight to wage, and it's totally ginned up to milking special interest end-of-year donations to political campaigns. To that cynical angle of the Christmas/holiday moniker wars, I say bah humbug, particularly since as far back as I can remember corporate America has been PC with the Christmas season and no one has heretofore waged anything like the all-out war that some in the punditocracy are calling for. It's just kinda lame.

Well, whattayaknow? My sleep deprived mind pulls through in the clutch, I did put something substantive in here after all.