Monday, November 28, 2005

Iran Implosion Watch

Ahmadinejad, aside from calling for the complete destruction of both the U.S. and Israel so that he can start an Islamic future for the world based on his own vision and the hidden Imam, (this man is President of a country that is about to have nuclear weapons), has been very busy alienating just about every in his own country as well.

Even extremists within the hardline camp want Ahmadinejad to be more responsive to their advice, experts say.

"If he doesn't want to hear no for a fourth time, he has to consult with people outside his circle of friends," said Mohammad Nabi Habibi, leader of the Islamic Coalition Society.

Since taking office in August, Ahmadinejad has jettisoned Iran's moderation in foreign policy and pursued a purge in the government, replacing pragmatic veterans with former military commanders and inexperienced religious hardliners.


Iranian moderates say the president has harmed his country by isolating it internationally, and now Ahmadinejad's friends are lining up against him. He suffered a humiliating defeat last week when his choice for oil minister was rejected for a third time, an unprecedented failure for an Iranian president.

While parliament is dominated by Ahmadinejad's conservative allies, the president's isolationist stance and his failure to consult on cabinet appointments have annoyed legislators. They warn they will not approve any future nominee unless Ahmadinejad first consults parliament.

If you thought Iran's old guard was bad, Ahmadinejad plans to do them one better and replace them with a newer and even crazier cadre of nutcases. This is highlighted most by his recent pick for President of Tehran University, an "Islamic law teacher" with no formal education. The pick met with massive student protests. Hopefully the pragmatists and even hard-liners will form an alliance to get rid of Ahmadinejad soon, or else he will continue to be the best thing to happen for Islamofacism since the Taliban. Then there's what this psycho would do with a nuclear weapon. Maybe Jon Stewart was right when he told McCain on Wednesday that we missed the country we should've invaded by one letter.

In additional Iran news, check out Regime Change Iran which has a piece about Iran's involvements with Chechen terrorism. Maybe this is a good development in a way because it might break off Putin's love affair with Iran and his efforts to supply them with nuclear technology.