Tuesday, November 08, 2005


So the executive branch in Virginia remains in Democratic hands, but the Lt. Governorship returns to the GOP, setting up Bill Bolling as the presumptive heir-apparent for 2009. As of yet Bob McDonnell's victory hasn't been declared and Governor Warner a few minutes ago tossed out the standard Democratic "every vote counted" line that is used in any close race nowadays where the result isn't a blowout in either direction. Typical partisan rhetoric, but I'm guessing there's not much more to it than that.

As much as I dislike Kaine's smirk and transparent phoniness, Creigh Deeds really tripped off the asshole alarm with me, particularly with his attack ads on McDonnell where Deeds made it abundantly clear he was running as a social liberal and trying to paint McDonnell as a right-wing kook to NoVA audiences (not sure that plays as well downstate though). What I'm really looking for now is the results in the House of Delegates races to see the makeup of the chamber post-election and if there is a discernible Democratic trend in seat-shifts.

But honestly, why should I even care? While my co-workers must suffer another four years of Democratic rule, I've got a year and a few months more, at least, of Bobby Ehrlich (and hopefully four more if he plays his cards right in 2006).