Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Liberal Wish List

For Christmas, of course! (Or Winter Solstice, if you are a hippy atheist communist. Just kidding. Kinda.) Mr. Sun has all the hot gifts! Here's a sample:

Tattleship. Joe Wilson and Richard Clarke present this exciting new game of international warfare and incomprehensible disloyalty. Don't be fainthearted about turning your back on the people you swore to fight alongside. Just remember: Loose Lips - Book Ships! Simply yell out accusations about your former colleagues and current officeholders and they'll respond with a pouty, "You sunk my policy initiative!" Loyalty not included.

Strateg-0. The goal of Strateg-0 is to win an election with absolutely zero (0) strategies for solving public problems. How do you do it? By blaming the opposition for everything and hoping a senile Larry King or partisan Dan Rather moderates your debate.

Collect them all!