Monday, November 14, 2005

Meet the New Boss

For anyone following the bombings in Jordan last week, the subsequent fallout has revealed one salient fact: Zarqawi has probably surpassed bin Laden as the number one terrorist leader. The haunting confession of an Iraqi woman on Jordanian TV has made this plainly obvious, from her links to Zarqawi and Al-Qaida in Iraq, the name Zarqawi has chosen for his organization.

The confession has some doubters, but her identity and ties are without question. Zarqawi has clearly been building his terrorist capacities and exporting terror to Jordan is probably only his first baby-step in using them. Given the nearly complete disappearance of bin Laden since about a year ago (does anyone remember a more recent tape?), Zarqawi has seized the reins of Al Qaida. With this transition, the ever-lasting nature of GWOT/GSAVE is starting to become apparent. No matter how many terrorist leaders may be killed or captured, as long as the forces which create support and funding for these terrorists and the bitterness and lack of opportunity that provides them with recruits exists, new ones will arise. And perhaps flourish.

As depressing as that thought may be, it's not all gloom and doom. The more "successful" Al Qaida is in bringing terror to the Arab world, the more it broadcasts how horrific its vision of the world is.