Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nowhere Men

As I mentioned before, Obsidian Wings has been on a roll when it comes to the whole detainee issue and the significance of Habeas Corpus in it. Well, they've done it again. This is a morbidly chilling little tale, and it really shows what's at stake when it comes to our detention policies. The innocent are subjected to so much, without any rights and any review, and even AFTER they're cleared of all wrongdoing they end up unable to get release from their non-existence in Guatanamo. As Obsidian Wings states, this is WITH Habeas, and the Senate has just weakened that considerably.

I think what we're doing should bother everyone, and it is why Scalia slammed the Administration in several of the Supreme Court's detainee cases. Without a judicial review of the executive branch's actions, and without a judicial review of the charges against the detainees, we've lost all checks and balances. These detainees have no hope, even if they are innocent, of being released from their hell. Their hope only lies with the sole discretion of their captors, with no possibility for anyone to hold their captors accountable.