Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Settle Down, Beavis (Red Gold III)

Alaska's Bridge to Nowhere has been nixed. Yay! Actually, wait a minute. For reasons why the Alaskan Congressional delegation is still screwing the rest of the country and why this is only a partial victory, check here.

the original half billion dollars earmarked for the bridges won't go to more worthy projects like rebuilding the Gulf, or, better yet, back to the taxpayers. Instead of going toward Ted Stevens', Don Young's, and Lisa Murkowski's pet projects, it'll merely be redirected toward the pet projects of Gov. Frank Murkowski and the Alaska state legislature. And don't forget, Murkowski, who's wife owns land on Gravina Island, fought long and hard for this bridge, too.

In other words, this is the Congressional shell game. The project has simply been hidden from view now, but the money is still there for it, and Alaska may still use it for this. Bottom line: It's still Red Gold.