Monday, November 21, 2005

Splinter Cell

Israel's PM Sharon has been facing a lot of criticism from the more hawkish members of his own party in recent years for the Gaza withdrawal and more efforts to reach out and work with the Palestinian Authority. Many have even threatened his budget votes and many of his other legislative initiatives. So now he's come up with a novel answer: he's going to make his own party. Sharon has proved that he's not just a deft General but a political genius when it comes to recent moves. He dealt with the settlers well during the withdrawal, has done a decent job selling the withdrawal to his own people, and in the process has managed to get some work done actually with the Palestinian Authority and even opening up diplomatic relations with Pakistan! Who'd a thunk it? I guess while he was accomplishing more towards a solution to the Palestinian and Israeli debacle than any Prime Minister before him and in the face of mutinous fellow Likud members he simply decided "who needs them anyway?" This will most likely serve as a death-blow to Likud, as most will migrate to Sharon's new centrist party along with many from the more liberal parties, leaving only fringe dissenters behind. And it's probably all for the better to, allowing Sharon to negotiate and achieve more with less political baggage.