Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Suspending Habeas

It's what the Senate is about to do. That's right. Make no mistake. The mess about detainees and their legal status continues, alongside the mess related to all things torture. The Graham amendment is terrible. The Cheney plan to fix the McCain amendment is terrible. And even if those two things fail, the practice of "extraordinary rendition" is terrible, too. Obsidian Wings (links above) has covered the issue more thoroughly than just about any MSM source imaginable. Just keep reading the links and you'll learn more about the activities the President and all these politicians are up to. It's enough to demoralize anyone. Are we really at a state where we need to suspend Habeas? Are we really at a state when Congress passing bans on torture is considered "excessive interference" with the Executive?

GWOT/GSAVE is not going to end in the immediate future. To resort to these extreme measures because of its existence basically means accepting these measures and an even more Imperial Presidency for perhaps the rest of our lifetimes. is this really a step we're ready to take? I would hope not.