Thursday, December 22, 2005

Black Eyes Mounting

Memo to the Federal Government. You might want to rethink spending the billions and billions of reconstruction funding dollars with the Army Corps of Engineers:

"Hurricane Katrina will go down in the history books as the costliest hurricane in U.S. history, but not by a long shot the most powerful.

The National Hurricane Center released a summary report on Katrina this week that downgraded the storm's intensity at landfall in Louisiana on Aug. 29 from Category 4 to Category 3. The winds in New Orleans, which lay to the west of the storm's center, were probably even weaker than that, at Category 1 or 2 speeds, the report said."

So to recap:

1) The Army Corps of Engineers constructs a levee system to withstand a Cat. 3 hurricane.

2) Said levee system fails due to the force of what was originally characterized as a Cat. 4 hurricane, causing the most expensive disaster relief operation and clean up in the history of the United States.

3) Hurricane Katrina is officially re-designated a Cat. 3 storm once it made landfall, down from an original rating of Cat. 4 storm.

4) Reconstruction of said levee system is scheduled for completion on June 1, 2006 not just at full Cat. 3 strength, but at Cat. 5 strength by the same group who originally constructed the first levee system.

Are we sure Mike Brown is no longer working for the federal government? It sure sounds like he or one of his acolytes is trying to hatch another hair-brained scheme.