Friday, December 02, 2005

Gatling Blog: Brushing Off the Dust Edition

It's been awhile, but why not do one? Again, links from all over the spectrum, from all types. Begin!

Matt Yglesias defends Walmart. (You heard me right)

Commonwealth Conservative has a picture so funny I can't help but link. (You'll only get this if you know anything about Virginia, but it's pretty hilarious)

Ambivablog really digs into the latest mini-scandal: DeLay and the Bush Administration vs. the Voting Rights Act.

QandO examines the variety of Democrat responses to Bush's speech Wednesday. It seems Russ Feingold is confused about what exactly he wants.

The Carpetbagger Report examines the 95-10 bill, which plans to focus on combating abortion by means of prevention. Guess what? It's a Democrat initiative. Maybe that's not such a surprise after all.

Liquid List has news that should make Prince of Perksia breathe more easily: Katie Couric is not going to become CBS' Evening News Executive Producer.

Right Wing Nuthouse says hell is freezing over, because they actually like what Hillary Clinton had to say about Iraq.

Planet Moron hurls a haymaker at the recent Global Warming meeting.

Mudville Gazette does the ultimate to combat the recent plagues of historical revisionism, actually doing some real history! It's an amazing piece of work to be on a blog and a great reference using enough sources (both liberal and conservative) to be completely exhaustive. Cherry-pickers be where.

Marginal Revolution's Tyler Cowen gives you what really are the issues with capital and labor taxation, and spares you the supply-side ideologue B.S.

Bitch PhD has a wild "Radical Married Feminist Manifesto." What does it all boil down to? HOUSEWORK!

Armchair Generalist finds the current plans for dealing with avian flu completely incoherent.